Her husband couldn’t get the job done, anyway.

Tania lived a very unfulfilled life. Her husband, Chris, wasn’t taking care of her — at least sexually. Whenever they were having sex, he did a very pathetic job at it. Tania couldn’t remember the last time she had an orgasm.

When they had sex, Chris lasted for about 5 minutes. And worse of all, after he came he would go straight to sleep, without caring if she was even satisfied or not.

She always got mad when this happened. Their sex life was so bad she was considering getting some help for her husband’s weak sexual performance.

At dinner…

Just a one night stand for a nympho.

Bob and Jessica had been married for about 5 years and everything was going on smoothly for them. However, Bob was always traveling and hardly spent time at home.

Jessica on the other hand worked closed to home and was always around. She had so much to herself and regularly spent time at the gym working out. For that reason, she was always in great shape; her slim body and brunette hair carried so much sex appeal.

But there was something about her — she was a total nympho. Jessica loved sex so much that Bob couldn’t satisfy her desires…

He wanted to taste something new

Cody was a ginger-haired 35-year-old banker at one of the largest banks in the city. He was tall, fit and his suits were custom made to fit. The presidential model Rolex on his wrist and fine leather boots on his feet oozed confidence and peak masculinity. Cody was still single.

A few weeks ago, he met Adela at the office when he arrived at work on Monday morning. Adela was from Africa, from Senegal.

Adela was a beautiful girl, she was about 24 years old, 5' 7", very slim and muscular and her skin color was very, very dark. …

She was one horny divorced milf

Jimmy was the 28-year-old neighborhood electrician. Everyone knew him and his matte black pickup truck that was always banging with rock and funk music. His rockstar looks and charm carried the lady’s heart away, especially the milfs.

And there was one such milf who really had a thing for Jimmy. She was a forty-three-year-old blonde called Gina who had juicy boobs and a perfectly round ass.

Gina’s husband was always on business trips. This left Gina always alone at home with her teenage daughter and she was always horny. …

Her husband was banging her so-called friend.

Lauryn and Jake had been married for over 5 years. Their marriage was ideal and everything went well. They handled chores around the house equally, Lauryn cooked and cleaned while Jake mowed the lawn and repaired all the broken things.

Their love life was very good as Jake made her feel well-loved and never made her think he could cheat on her. Neither one of them was very experienced when it came to sex. Lauryn was satisfied with the standard ‘missionary’ and ‘doggy style’ positions.

There were times they talked about having children, but the subject was often dropped by…

When she starts suspecting her husband is cheating on her.

Chelsea was a beautiful brunette married to a boring warehouse manager called Richard. Their marriage had been great at the beginning, but after 5 years of living together, the magic had died.

Richard was more focused on his job and sometimes wouldn’t be home for days. Chelsea grew suspicious that he was cheating on her.

Her neighbor was a lady named Sabrina who would frequently be over having coffee or drinks.

Chelsea wasn’t a large woman but did have big tits. She and Sabrina were constantly complaining about not getting fucked often enough by their husbands.

Sabrina would often tell…

An unexpected threesome

Mandy was a sexy 26-year-old blonde married to a business lawyer called Robert. Rob was powerful, rich and his clients were big corporations and millionaires trying to evade tax. This meant Robert frequently flew to Switzerland and the Carribeans to run things for them.

Being a head-turner, Mandy couldn’t help it. Men desired her, to touch her, to kiss her, to bang her!

One evening, Robert took her along to hang out with his friends at a favorite spot in town. The guys were Frank, Greg, and Dan, all of whom were good friends since college. Mandy instantly loved the…

Short erotic fiction

Andrew was a good boy. And you know how it is in this world; good boys don’t get shit in life.

He’d just turned 22 and was a college student. But being a college student didn’t mean he was having fun like most college kids did. While others were attending rave parties, drinking liquor, and fucking young fresh pussies, Andrew did none of that.

In fact, he would spend most of his time in his college dorm playing video games or watching porno. He was very anti-social.

One day, during spring break, Andrew returned home and to help his parents…

It was the best check-up she ever had.

Cindy was going through a very bad time in her relationship. She had just broken up with her boyfriend because she just didn’t feel like having sex. For over six months, she felt like her desire for sex was dead. The frustrated boyfriend left for another woman and Cindy decided to go for a medical check-up.

Monday was the day for her check-up and she hated going to the doctor. They always wanted to know so much about her body, and so much had changed since the last time she went.

The waiting room was packed full of people and…

A surprise for Friday night.

Darren heard the main door open with two voices filling the house. It was obvious that the owners of the voices were drunk as they kept laughing.

“At least, people are having fun this Friday night,” he thought as he shook his head before rolling his eyes.

Darren was a college sophomore, living with his mother’s best friend Katrina to attend college. His parents were going through a very rough divorce and his mum didn’t want it to interfere with his studies. …

K. Love

All stories here are intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional.

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